Thursday, December 7, 2017

Friday Newsletter 12-8-17

Sat – 4-6 Girls BBall @ St. Joe, JC – 8:00
am (vs. Our Lady of Lourdes Gold
Eldon Christmas Parade – all riders be @
float by 4:30 pm, parade begins at 5:00
Tues – 2nd graders visit with Father for First Reconciliation practice     
Wed – First Reconciliation for 2nd Graders with parish penance service – 7:00 pm       
Thur – All School Mass (2nd Ministry)
        4-6 Girls BBall Practice – 6:15-7:30 pm
Fri -   Dress Down Day

ELDON PARADE: OLOSS will be sponsoring a float in the Eldon Parade tomorrow, Saturday, Dec 9.  Line-up begins @ 3:00 pm, and we are asking that all students/parents please meet at the float at 4:30 pm. The parade begins at 5:00 pm. All candy appreciated.

CLASSROOM CHRISTMAS GIFTS: The students will exchange gifts within the classroom again this year. Boys should buy for boys and girls should buy for girls. The gift should be of $5 value.

EXTENDED CARE FAMILIES: Please make note – there will be NO AFTERNOON EXTENDED CARE SERVICES on Thursday, December 21st, after the school Christmas parties. We realize that this was not noted on the original school calendar. However, the staff has the opportunity to go to Owensville after we dismiss at 3:00 to visit with Father Pat, and we would like to be able to do that, if his health permits. Morning extended care will still be available that morning, and you WILL NOT be charged for the morning if you are a normal morning extended care family.

MARY’S HOME CHRISTMAS PARADE: Thanks to all who showed up to ride and help alongside the float last Saturday night. It was a great evening for all and the students and parents represented Our Lady of the Snows School very well. Special thanks to Jay Harms, for the float, his time, and use of his vehicle & trailer.

SCHOOL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM: We had great attendance at the play on Sunday. We hope you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for all the cookies. We actually had some leftover, and are able to serve those for lunch during December. It really helps out!

SANTA STORE: Thanks so much to all who sent in gift donations and/or wrapping supplies for the store. The students absolutely LOVE this activity! Special thanks to our helpers on Tuesday – Alvina Sestak, Debbie & Russ Kempker, Elaine Kempker, Fred Whittle, Marie Massman, & Christina Eickhoff. Thanks also to the Student Council, their leaders, and Cindy McKenna, for helping set up.

PULL THOSE BOX TOPS! With all the Christmas baking and family meals this time of year, make sure you are pulling off those “Box Tops” from General Mills products. We are low on submissions this go around, so we would like EVERYONE to start sending those in. Look at it this way - every time you throw one away, you are throwing a dime in the trash can! Our next submission will be at the end of February.

GUN RAFFLE: If you need additional tickets contact Josh Vandike, Jay Harms, or Greg Koetting. Mr. V’s tickets are available at the office, along with more flyers, if you need those.

CHRISTMAS CAROLING @ CAPITOL plans for Dec. 20th are on hold until we receive more information.

ROOM PARENTS: Christmas classroom parties are planned for 1:30 PM on Thursday, December 21st. We count on you to make our parties a success, providing/planning for refreshments and games. A list of room parents may be found below. Thank you!

 JACKETS & COATS: As the weather turns cooler, please make sure that your child comes to school with a coat or jacket. We have had so many students without proper outerwear for the cooler days. We do have extra jackets at school, and students are made to wear them when needed. However, it is best if each brings their own, for hygienic reasons.

ITALIAN FEAST THEMES: All families are asked to donate items to their child’s classroom basket in preparation for the Italian Feast/Silent Auction on Feb. 3, 2018. The items should be of at least $5 value. As an alternative, you may choose to send in money, and let the classroom teacher shop for you. Please send items in as soon as possible. Themes are as follows:
PK:           Car Cleaning Kit
K/1:         Farm Toys/Farm Animals/Horses
2:             A Day in the Park
3/4:        Game Night
5/6:         Family Fun Night
7/8:         A Day at the Spa

READING COUNTS SHIRTS may be worn any day in lieu of normal dress code shirts. They do not have to be tucked in. Your child will receive a shirt when he/she has earned 75 Reading Counts points.

DEADLINE FOR FRIDAY NOTES: Thursdays, 9:00 am. All non-school related flyers need to be copied ahead of time on paper. The school cannot afford to supply paper for outside events). Upon approval by the principal, the information will then be placed in the Friday folder as a courtesy. It is not appropriate for the school to send out extraneous information that can be handled other ways. Also, if you have items for the Friday notes, please write these items up, send them in, or email them to (call to let me know you have emailed please). I don’t mind doing a little editing and rewording, but the bulk of the item should be outlined with details.

MEDICATION AT SCHOOL: We do not have a “stock supply” of medications for students. You may choose to send in a pain reliever or other types of medicine for your child. Make sure to clearly mark the container(s), and send a note giving staff permission to dispense the medication, with explicit dosage instructions and dosage cups/spoons. These will be locked up in the office. Sometimes having medicine available here for your child can mean not having to come after him/her or making a special trip to bring medications.

COLLECTION ENVELOPES FOR THURSDAY MASS: Each Thursday, the students have the opportunity to place their offering in the collection. If you need collection envelopes at home, please let us know & some will be sent home. We also have them available in the cafeteria for student use.

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