Monday, December 17, 2012




OLOS School provides a quality education & develops the whole person

in a faith-filled Catholic environment.


Tuesday         Ugly Sweater/Sweatshirt day
Wednesday    Dress Down for a Quarter for Guito Day
                        Student Council mtg – until 4:00 pm
                        OLOS Penance Service – 7:00 pm
Thursday        End of 2nd Quarter
                        All School Mass (6th gr. Ministry)
                        Dress Down in Red/Green for Christmas Day
                        Christmas Parties @ 1:30 pm
                        JV Girls Bball @ Taos – 6:00 pm (vs. Honey Creek)
                        JV Boys Bball @ Good Shepherd, Columbia – 8:00 pm (vs. St. George)
                        5/6 Boys BBall @ St. Joe, JC – 6:00 pm (vs. Linn Red)
 Friday            NO SCHOOL – Christmas Break

Many thanks to all the parish members, friends, and families who donated to and helped in our Santa Store this year. Through your generosity, the students had a huge selection of items to pick from when making purchases for those on their lists. We did make $410, but most importantly, all the students had a lot of fun and enjoyed shopping for their friends and family!

As you celebrate Christmas this year, please save and send in all Christmas bags and tissue paper that you may not want to keep. We will store them for next year’s Santa store. Also, we always run short on “guy” items. If you see anything that would work for them and also gift bags on sale after Christmas and would like to donate them it would be wonderful! You can send them to school anytime.

We also thank all who came to watch the Christmas Program last weekend. It was a packed house! We hope the children's efforts helped put some "Christmas Cheer" in your hearts!

The Secret Santa candy cane offer, sponsored by the Student Council, has been extended. You will find additional copies of the tags in today’s folder. The Student Council will assemble these on Wednesday afternoon during their meeting and they will be passed out on Thursday, our last day of school before Christmas break.

Student Council – remember the meeting that is rescheduled for Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 19th from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. Parents – please remember to send a note allowing your Council member to stay for the meeting.

Calling all room parents! It is time again to be planning those classroom parties. Remember – we count on YOU to coordinate snacks & games/activities for the classrooms. Christmas parties are on Thursday, December 20th, beginning at 1:30 pm. Without the gift exchange, there will be more time for activities, so please plan accordingly.

Many thanks to all who have been supporting the “gifts for Jesus” with the wonderful selection of baby items. We will be sending those on Wednesday of next week (Dec. 19). The 8th grade class will be taking the donations to Birthright. (8th grade parents – please find field trip permission enclosed in today’s folder).It is not too late to donate to this cause – remember that instead of the Christmas gift exchange this year and instead of giving the teachers a gift, we ask that all money spent be redirected to “gifts for Jesus” (any baby item/need). If you haven’t had a chance to send your items in, you may still do so early next week. PLEASE REFER TO THE BIRTHRIGHT NEEDS LIST AT THE END OF THESE NOTES FOR GIFT IDEAS.

VOLUNTEERS OF THE WEEK: Ashley Burnett, Debbie Schulte, Charlene Morff, Adeline Bauer & Christina Eickhoff – for doing such a fantastic job in the Santa store shopping & wrapping areas (and Christina also provides library services every week – a donation of one day each week).
VOLUNTEERS OF THE WEEK (for last week) Glenn & Betty Pound & Karen Harms – who cooked & served the lunch for our children last week. Please, if you see these individuals out & about, thank them for their service to OLOS School!

Sports News:  The JV Boys Basketball team has been participating in the High Point Tournament this week. After winning on Monday night against Honey Creek (42-36), they will face St. Martins on Friday night at 7:00 pm. If they win that game, they will go on to compete for 1st place on Saturday at 2:00 pm. GOOD LUCK TO THE JV BOYS BASKETBALL COUGARS!!! The JV Boys also won last week in their home game against St. Peter (33-13). The JV Girls lost a close one that same night, with a final score of 19-20, against St. George, Linn. The 5/6 Boys are getting some good experience this year. They have not won any games yet, but their point spread is getting much closer and they are continuing to get better all the time! GO COUGARS!

Income from games 12/1/12: Gate $76.00, Concessions $118.25.
                                    12/6/12: Gate $43.00, Concessions $145.00 (Refs & scoreboard paid from gate proceeds.)

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: OLOS Communal Penance Service, Wed., Dec. 19th at 7:00 pm.

Please find enclosed the Catholic School’s Week sign up for Mass parts on Jan. 26 & 27, 2013. We know it is early, but it always come around so fast after Christmas. Please make every effort to commit to a Mass so that we can assign Mass parts and begin to plan/practice.

Do you have any good ideas for the Reading Counts field trip at the end of the year? If you do, please jot them down & send them in, email us, or give us a call. We need & welcome all input.

There will be no Friday Notes next week. However, you will be receiving tickets and information for the Italian Feast next week in the folder on Thursday, so remember to ask your child for this very important packet of information.

Did you know that statistics are very clear that the more Catholic education a person has the greater the chance that he/she will be a lifelong, practicing Catholic?  The Jefferson City area is fortunate to have a Catholic high school for our young people!  Helias is your opportunity to share your faith with your children.

Remember to return your Friday Folder on MONDAY.
Since we will not be sending out Friday Notes next week, the
OLOS School Staff & Faculty would like to wish you all a very
Merry and Blessed Christmas. May your Christmas be safe and joyful!

Friday, December 7, 2012


OLOS school will begin phasing in the PARENT ALERT SYSTEM through Option C. This system gives OLOS School the ability to contact parents through an automated alert system for cancellations due to weather and other emergency situations. IT IS THE PARENT*S RESPONSIBILITY to logon to Option C and set up preferences for contact. By default, families will be alerted through an automated voice message to the main phone number and the main email address listed on the *family profile* sheet which you received and updated near the beginning of the school year. You may also opt to have messages sent via text messages to your mobile phone, to additional email addresses and to work numbers.
Logon to (or click on link on school website), and put in code 8085.
On far right of HOME page, click on *My Settings*
Click on *Family Profile*
Scroll down, click on *Family Alert Contacts*
This is where you select your preferences. You may opt to receive all forms of alerts * email, voice, texts, to both parents* phones and email accounts.
We will also contact the local TV & radio stations with cancellation information. This new system depends on internet service to the principal (at home & at school), which as we all know is sometimes unavailable.
 You should always tune in to the following TV & radio stations: *
      KOMU TV Channel 8, KRCG-TV Channel 13, ABC-TV Channel 17
Radio stations: KLIK, KJMO, KWOS, KPLA, KOQL, KATI, KCLR/Y107.





OLOS School provides a quality education & develops the whole person

 in a faith-filled Catholic environment.


Saturday         Immaculate Conception – Holy Day of Obligation – Mass @ 8:00 am Saturday
                       & 7:00 pm Friday night
Sunday           OLOS SCHOOL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM – after 10:00 am Mass in Center Gym
Monday         JV Boys BBall @ High Point Tourney – 6:00 pm (vs. Immanuel Lutheran)
Tuesday         Santa Store Shopping
                        JV Girls BBall @ High Point Tourney – 8:00 pm (vs. St. Andrews)
Wednesday    5/6 Boys BBall @ Loose Creek – 7:00 pm (vs. Holy Family)
 Thursday       All School Mass (7/8 gr. Ministry)
                        JV Girls Bball @ St. Peter, JC –6:00 pm (vs. St. Peter, JC)
                        JV Boys Bball @ IC, JC – 6:00 pm (vs. IC White)
 Friday            December Dress Down Day

OLOSS CHRISTMAS PROGRAMThis Sunday, December 9, 2012 after the 10:00 am Mass.  If you haven’t heard anything from your classroom teacher, your child should dress in his/her Sunday best/dress code for the program. On Sunday, Dec. 9th, please come to the Center gymnasium after the 10:00 am Mass. Students should remain in the cafeteria, from which they will enter the gym as a class.

SANTA STORE SHOPPING IS TUESDAY. Please remember to send in your child’s shopping envelope (sent home last week) by MONDAY. Ho! Ho! Ho!

REMINDER:  Donated items for the Santa Store can be dropped off after the Christmas Program in the Annex AFTER the program.  We also need plastic grocery sacks for the Santa Store.  Please bring them Sunday or send them to school no later than Monday, December 10th.  

Calling all room parents! It is time again to be planning those classroom parties. Remember – we count on YOU to coordinate snacks & games/activities for the classrooms. Christmas parties are on Thursday, December 20th, beginning at 1:30 pm. Without the gift exchange, there will be more time for activities, so please plan accordingly.

CHRISTMAS GIFTING: OLOS School is collecting baby items (Gifts for Jesus) for St. Raymond’s Society (new mothers’ support group), Birthright, and/or the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Gift ideas might be: diapers, wipes, shampoo/powder, onesies, towels, washcloths, or anything a baby and new mother might need. The Student Council has set up the manger (where students may place their “Gifts for Jesus”), so you may send those gifts in anytime. We will collect items until Friday, December 14th. This year we will not be participating in a classroom gift exchange. We want the focus of Christmas to be on the birth of Jesus and more about giving than receiving. We ask that you not send in gifts for teachers, and redirect the money you would normally spend on them and classroom gifts to Gifts for Jesus. We also ask that friends don’t exchange gifts with each other within the school day.

The Rada & That’s My Pan orders are in. Mrs. Groose cannot send Rada orders home with students (knives), so they can be picked up after the Christmas program on Sunday. If you cannot make it then, please make arrangements with Mrs. Groose for pick-up. We made a profit of $395 on Rada and around $130 on That’s My Pan. Thanks to everyone who helped with this fundraiser!

Every other year, OLOS School, along with schools throughout our diocese, participate in the Science Fair. All students in grades 3rd through 8th will be required to do a project, which will be part of their science grade. Students in grades 6th through 8th will also be required to submit a paper with their project. Students in 6th, 7th, & 8th grades will be eligible to compete in the diocesan fair and should make their project in one of the three categories of Life, Physical or Earth Science. We highly encourage all students to work individually; however, if two students work together they must be in the same grade. The OLOS Science Fair is unscheduled, but will likely be held in the first or second week of February. Winners from OLOS will compete at the Diocesan Science Fair on March 9, 2013. YOU HAVE RECEIVED SCIENCE FAIR PACKET GUIDELINES. DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY – YOU WILL NEED THIS AS A REFERENCE TOOL!! Students must run an actual experiment and follow closely the Scientific Method, as outlined in the packet. Display boards will be offered after Christmas for a nominal fee. Please begin thinking about this now, going over ideas with your child. It always seems to sneak up on everyone after Christmas so we urge you to start now.

The Italian Feast is scheduled for February 2, 2013. To make this the successful fundraiser, we count on the school families in several ways. The first way is donation of time and talent in working at and helping plan the event. The other obvious way we count on families is through donations of items for the Silent Auction. We are asking each school family to donate one item of value to place directly on the Silent Auction. We also ask that each family donate an item of at least $5 value to the “classroom basket”. Each classroom has picked a theme and is responsible for compiling this “themed basket” to put up for bidding at the auction. If you cannot come up with something for the themed basket, please send $5 to the classroom teacher, so that he/she may do the shopping for you. With the seasonal sales, you may be able to get better deals now than waiting until the last minute to purchase your items. The classroom themes are as follows:
PK – Mizzou; K/1 – Game Night, 2 – Anything Dr. Suess, 3/4 – Fishing, 5 – Movie Night, 6 – Spring cleaning supplies, 7 – Hunting, 8 – Cardinals

Students can purchase beef sticks during lunch for $1 each. If you would like a box of 30 sent home, the price is $30. All profits go to the school. Thank you for your support!

Income from games 11/29/12: Gate $28.00, Concessions $145.59. Refs & scoreboard paid from gate proceeds.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: OLOS Communal Penance Service, Wed., Dec. 19th at 7:00 pm.