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Friday Newsletter 8-31-17

Wed –  
Thurs – All School Mass (3/4 Ministry)
          JV Girls VBall – 6:00 pm @ St. Martin
          (vs St. Martin)
Fri -    Dress Down Day

GRANDPARENTS DAY: On Thursday, Sept. 14th, we will celebrate Grandparent’s Day at OLOS. Please contact your grandparents now so that they may mark their calendar. If grandma or grandpa can’t make it, feel free to come yourself or ask a “substitute grandparent” to enjoy the morning with your child. We will celebrate Mass at 8:00 am (students may sit with grandparents at Mass), then enjoy bingo, refreshments, and fellowship. The book fair will be open for grandparents to shop with their grandchild, if they so wish. The morning festivities should end around 10 – 10:30 am.

BOOK FAIR NIGHT: The annual Scholastic Book Fair is scheduled for the evening of Tuesday, September 12th. From 6:00 to 7:30 pm, students will be able to shop and participate in fun and games and earn bonus reading counts points. Make plans now to attend this fun-filled evening!

DRESS DOWN DAYS: Unfortunately, due to the work on the school roof, we will not host any home volleyball games this year. We are adding a SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY on September 27th, so please add that to the Sept. calendar (you received this at the Open House on the reverse of your Aug. calendar). Students will receive a DRESS DOWN pass at the end of the month of their birthday or half-birthday. Remember – these cannot be used on days we celebrate Mass (Thursdays and Holy Days). Please be aware that all length and sleeve requirements remain in force on dress down days.
NOT A DRESS DOWN DAY! Thursday, Sept. 7th is listed as a dress down day on the school calendar. This is a mistake. Thursday is a Mass day and we do not dress down on Mass days. We will have our normal dress down day on Friday

FANTASY NIGHT: One of the main ticket holders will be contacting each school family to see how many tickets you can sell. If you haven’t already heard from them, you soon will. Remember, the price has increased to $110 per ticket. Please get out and sell as many as possible. With only 39 school families this year we have to all kick in and do more. The EARLY BIRD drawing will be Tuesday, Sept. 12, the night of the book fair. The winner will get the $110 or get another ticket. That day will be here very quickly after the picnic so get out there and sell those tickets! Main ticket holders are: Mark Adrian, Monica Bittle, Ashley Groose, Ashley Kempker, Melissa Koetting, Shannon Lage, Mary’s Home Bank, and the school office.

ROOF WORK: The work on the roof is progressing. Due to noise, a couple of the classrooms have moved up to the middle school for classwork, as needed. We are excited to get the new roof on, so we are happy to put up with a little inconvenience to get it finished!

GOOD LUCK! We wish the JV Volleyball girls good luck as they begin their season, with their first game on Thursday evening at St. Martin’s school at 6:00 pm. We wish them the best of luck this year!
REMINDER TO PARENTS OF STUDENTS BRINGING LUNCHES FROM HOME:  Please see that your child’s lunch has everything they need for their meal – drinks, plates, utensils, condiments, napkins. The lunch program cannot afford to supply these things if the student is not buying the daily lunch.

LUNCH NOTICE: For students purchasing daily lunches: Students may choose a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in lieu of the main entrée if they have a note from home. They must bring a note on the day that the substitution is desired and must present it to the classroom teacher first thing in the morning. Please note that the “main entrée” is the protein item. For example, if our meal is vegetable soup with grilled cheese & string cheese, the substitution would be for the cheese sandwich & string cheese, not for the vegetable soup.

READING COUNTS SHIRTS may be worn any day in lieu of normal dress code shirts. They do not have to be tucked in. Your child will receive a shirt when he/she has earned 75 Reading Counts points.

DEADLINE FOR FRIDAY NOTES: Thursdays, 9:00 am. All non-school related flyers need to be copied ahead of time on paper. The school cannot afford to supply paper for outside events). Upon approval by the principal, the information will then be placed in the Friday folder as a courtesy. It is not appropriate for the school to send out extraneous information that can be handled other ways. Also, if you have items for the Friday notes, please write these items up, send them in, or email them to (call to let me know you have emailed please). I don’t mind doing a little editing and rewording, but the bulk of the item should be outlined with details.

OLOS SCHOOL AND FACEBOOK: Did you know that OLOSS is on Facebook? Search for Our Lady of the Snows Home & School Association and request to join. This group is open to all school families. grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends. It is a way to connect about all school related events and activities.

MEDICATION AT SCHOOL: We do not have a “stock supply” of medications for students. You may choose to send in a pain reliever or other types of medicine for your child. Make sure to clearly mark the container(s), and send a note giving staff permission to dispense the medication, with explicit dosage instructions and dosage cups/spoons. These will be locked up in the office. Sometimes having medicine available here for your child can mean not having to come after him/her or making a special trip to bring medications.
COLLECTION ENVELOPES FOR THURSDAY MASS: Each Thursday, the students have the opportunity to place their offering in the collection. If you need collection envelopes at home, please let us know & some will be sent home. We also have them available in the cafeteria for student use.

HOMEWORK can only be picked up between 3:00 and 3:15 each day for students who have been absent. Requests can be made to send work home with siblings or others. Please specifically request homework when calling in your child’s absence if you so prefer. Some parents prefer to not have the homework, especially if their child is still feeling poorly.

SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. Save any used print cartridges, laser or jet, fax cartridges, etc, and send them in to school or leave in the church vestibule in the box so marked.
-Save those “Box Tops” found on many, many groceries & other misc. items – worth 10 cents each.
We are no longer saving Best Choice UPCs.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES/GET TOGETHERS: If your child is inviting children to a party from school, and is not including either the entire class, or all the girls, or all the boys, it is not appropriate to pass out invitations at school. To do this causes hurt feelings with some students. We know that this is not intentional, but it happens. If all are not invited (or all the girls or all the boys) then invitations must be handled outside of school. Thank you for your cooperation.

PARENTS WELCOMED! You are always encouraged to attend Mass with the school children on Thursdays, especially if your child’s class is involved with the ministry.


Sunday, Sept. 3 – OLOS Parish Picnic
Tuesday, Sept. 12 – Book Fair Night 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Thursday, Sept. 14 – Grandparent’s Day – begins with 8:00 am Mass
Friday, Sept. 15 – Health Checks by MCHD                              

Please return your folder on TUESDAY.
Please pray for good weather and a successful parish picnic this Sunday. See everyone here!

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